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Changes to Patient Access due to Corona Virus Posted on 12 Mar 2020


From 9 March rather than have a face to face appt with the GP we will ask you to take a phone call instead.  This is to keep you safe and means only those who really need to be, are in the practice.

In line with advice from NHS England we are suspending online booking of appointments until further notice.


·        Most mild symptoms like coughs, runny noses, sore throats, sinusitis and ear ache go away on their own.  We don’t usually treat these conditions with antibiotics.  Obtain self-help medication (which we don’t usually prescribe either) from the Pharmacist and stay at home unless you develop complications such as a persistent high temperature or shortness of breath.  If worried RING for advice.

·        Seek advice from website such as NHS Choices, and NHS.111

·        Medication for many common illnesses can be purchased from the chemist at a lower cost than a prescription costs, eg heart burn, cold, joint pains, mild allergies, thrush, sticky eyes, dry skin.

·        Maybe now is not the time to be going in to discuss that minor issue you have had for a few months.  Leave it.  If it’s a rash, email us a picture.  If there is a concern ask for advice.

·        Order your medication at least 48 hours before you need it, but PLEASE DON’T STOCK PILE.  We will only issue 28 days normally.  Set up an electronic nominated chemist for your prescription to go automatically there, and go to the chemist to pick it up.

·        Register for online access so you can look at results and order prescriptions online.

·        IF YOU HAVE TRAVELLED TO AN ‘AT RISK AREA’ recently or have been in contact with a case, STAY HOME and use the online NHS111 assessment tool to obtain help.

·        Washing your hands is currently the best defence against the virus and not touching your face with your hands.


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