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Important Notice to Patients Ordering Prescriptions Posted on 6 Mar 2019

Important Notice to Patients Ordering Prescriptions

Our policy is that you give us 48 hour’s notice when ordering your prescriptions.


In the majority of cases we are able to process your prescriptions within 24 hours, but occasionally if further information or blood results are required this will delay the process hence why our policy is 48 hour turn around.


Many patients are not adhering to this policy and are leaving it until the day to order their prescription.


This is causing the workload to become unmanageable for the doctors and staff, causing interruptions during surgeries - which is not fair on the patients being seen, and is unsafe as the doctor has less time to do the necessary checks in the middle of a surgery.


Therefore as from 1 April 2019 we will be strictly adhering to the 48 hour policy.

** In EXCEPTIONAL circumstances a prescription may be issued if your medication is on the list we have identified as URGENT medication.  The receptionists have this list.


Please listen to our receptionist if you are advised that you have to wait 48 hours and please respect what our receptionists are telling you. 


This is not the decision of the receptionist but the decision of the doctors.


Please do not request an advice call to discuss this with your doctor, instead wait the 48 hours as requested.


We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.


Witton Street Surgery



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