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Changes to how patients order Ventolin / Salbutamol inhalers Posted on 21 Nov 2018

To be able to monitor the use of Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers more closely, the doctors have decided to change all inhalers from a repeat prescription to what we call an 'acute' issue.

This does not mean patients cannot have their inhalers when they are requested.  However, when patients are well controlled with their Asthma / COPD their use of Ventolin or Salbutamol should only be a certain amount, ie one inhaler should last a patient approximately three months.  If a patient is requesting an inhaler every month, then clearly their condition is not well controlled and need to see the Asthma nurse for a review.

In order to request inhalers in the future, patients should add the name of the inhaler to their request for their other drugs.  The doctors will review the amount of inhalers received in the preceeding months and will advise the patient accordingly if an asthma / COPD review is required, and issue your prescription for the inhaler. YOUR INHALER WILL NOT BE STOPPED

If you have asthma or COPD and feel, at any time, your condition has changed, you don't need to wait for your annual review with the nurse, please make an appointment for an 'asthma' or 'COPD'  review with the nurse.  Patients with asthma need to attend for an annual asthma review every year to ensure the medication prescribed is still suitable to is managing the condition for the patient.

We appreciate this is a change but it is done in the best interests of our patients, and no medication is being stopped or denied.

Thank you.

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